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December 17 2005

Thank you from Colette and Jim

Dear Villa Angela,

We are sorry this is long overdue!

Jim and I would like to express our sincere thanks for making our stay - which was our honeymoon - such a memorable one. It was unforgettable! We will be back to see you and look forward to it.

We loved every minute we stayed with you, the weather, the views - which are forever in our mind and the staff were all wonderful The hotel has many qualities but we think one of the best things is its large terraces on the rooms - as it makes you feel your room is twice as big as it really is, gives you so much space and freedom to go and read in peace ! You can then frequently glance at the tremendous view, we found something new to look at everyday. Sadly for us due to you closing, we moved to the 'the big Hotel' down in the town. It was a far cry from the standards of Villa Angela. We looked up every day as we went for our daily italian strole, to remind us of what we had! Since coming home have shouted from the roof tops about how wonderful it was.

We went for drinks in to the two big five star hotels in the town, while very nice, money aside, we would still prefer to stay up the hill in the Villa.

We have to thank the staff and Management for their personal concern for Jim when he had his small accident. He looks for the steps now!

A special thanks to Edith at the bar who refilled our wine glasses up into the wee small hours sometimes. And the lovely man who looked after us while we were sleeping.

The whole stay was made extra special by being able to meet Jim himself, Big Jim and Irene and Jim's brother Mark. Some great laughs were had by the pool , in the bar and who can forget the trips in the shuttle bus! Could you please send special regards to Jim and Irene from the 'Lollipop Man and his Young wife' . We feel very honoured to have spent so much time with them all and would like you to pass on our sincere best wishes and thanks to them all.

All we have now is our photos and cherished memories.

We wish you well for the new season and hope to get back to see you all soon.

An early Chrismas Greetings to the english speakers and Buon Natale to our Italian (and Polish) friends.

Also wish Jim good luck on his tour , tell him we will be in one the crowds somewhere around the world.

Many thanks again......


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