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July 21 2011

"Once Upon a Time"

You will all be very pleased to know that good old fashioned customer care and attention to making your holiday the best it can be is very much Alive and Kicking. My wife treated me two weeks at the Villa Angela for my 50th birthday; well she had Promised me a miracle and she certainly delivered. My parents were from Sicily so it was only right and fitting that I mark the occasion with a trip there because as my wife puts it; This is your land and All the things she said were true

The hotel is not exactly on the Water Front and Taormina can be a bit of Oh jungle land, but…….
from the very moment you enter the Villa Angela you will be Hypnotised with the beauty of the hotel, the resort and the spectacular views, at night you can certainly See the Lights. The atmosphere and feeling of total relaxation at the Villa Angela allows you to Sanctify yourself

The Villa Angela also has a Glittering prize. The staff there are amazing, forget all this nonsense about their names being too numerous to mention all I know each and every one of them made us feel like the rock star that the owner of this fine hotel is.
So Charlie, Katherine, Adda, Mario, Clara Alesandro, Walter, Santina, Elisa, Natasia, Walterino and Salvo We thank you all from the very bottom of our hearts. How often have you come away from a hotel and personally invited each and every member of the staff to your home? I hope I have spelt all of their names correctly because these people are just something else. I would imagine that you are probably reading these reports with a view to possibly staying at this hotel for some well earned R and R, well do it I promise you will be so, so happy that you did.

Villa Angela all I can ask is Don’t you forget about me because I certainly won’t forget about you!

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Antony & Maria, Milford Haven UK, July 2011


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