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June 27 2005

Lucy & Simon S.

Dear Jim, Antonio and the Villa Angela staff

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you so much for making our
stay in Taormina so fantastic, it was probably the best holiday we've ever had
and your hotel was a huge contributing factor.

Everybody involved in the day to day running of the Villa Angela should feel
very pleased with themselves and we congratulate Jim and Antonio for turning
the hotel into the superb venue it is. It is obvious that a lot of time, money
and attention to detail have been invested into the place and it has more than
paid off. I am sure you most both know this as you spend so much time there,
you are entitled to feel very proud of yourselves.

On that note I would personally like to thank Jim for not shattering my
illusions. I hoped you would be very charming and personable and I wasn't
disappointed, far from it. It was a real treat to meet and spend a small amount
of time chatting with you in the occasional sunshine. To be honest I was
doubtful you would even be at the hotel but I was delighted to see your face
around the place which you obviously love. You are a brave man to put your name
to the hotel knowing that you may attract fans of your music but you deal with
it admirably, thank you for taking me back twenty years Jim but not making feel
like an awkward 15 year old in you presence, 16 maybe!

Also I have to thank Antonio for being so attentive when we ate at La Botte. He
always made us feel like special guests and it made the difference between just
eating out and really going out for dinner. So thanks to you again.

We are obviously intending to return to the hotel imminently but would like it
to coincide with a potential Simple Minds gig at the 'Teatro Greco'. Could
either Jim, Antonio or the hotel possibly keep us informed about the reality of
this happening? Unfortunately due to the work we do we need lots of notice to
take time off so I would particularly appreciate any word you could give me. I
am not prepared to miss this opportunity again!

Lastly, thanks again for providing us with this use of your exceptional,
immaculate hotel and loathe as I am to spread the word, I will, probably...

With best wishes and love,

Lucy & Simon S. guests from 12/06/05 to 21/06/05 room 102.


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